Offset Printing in Charlotte, NC

Offset Printing in the Carolinas

  • Offset Printing is the most common and effective method of printing in Charlotte NC and the country.
  • With this process you can print everything from personal and business stationery to corporate high gloss brochures and direct mail.
  • Blue Roots Marketing can creatively use offset printing in conjunction with Letterpress, embossing and foil stamping to give your final product a polished look that is topped by none in the Carolinas.

Printing Estimates:

  • Due to a variety of options in printing, papers, finishing options and quantities, jobs are quoted on a job by job basis.
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  • Include what quantities and paper types you would like to use

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What Type of offset Printing Should I Use?

4 Color/Process Printing:

  • For corporate brochures, mailers, postcards, invitations and personal or business stationery
  • Color Printing is process printing
  • Color photographs and other related color jobs are usually printed using the 4 color process

Multi color or spot printing:

  • Hi-tech offset presses with matching inks (inks are made based on standard Pantone formulas)
  • For design that does not require process printing and you have 1-3 colors in your layout. Sometimes it is cheaper to use 4-color printing when using 3 color

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