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Social Distancing Signage and Reminders

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Home Improvement locations, Restaurants, Grocery stores and their employees are saving lives by making sure we have access to essential goods during the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing helps lower the risk for both employees and patrons. It is essential that your retail location be marked with proper social distancing floor decals and signage. Let the Blue Roots team take care of these decals and signs. They can be designed, printed and shipped within 48 hours depending on material and quantity.

Floor Decals for Social Distancing

Non-slip custom messaging and logos for distancing in busy checkout lines, and aisles.

Freestanding Displays for Crowd-Control

Easy to setup and quick to move when adjusting to surges in traffic anywhere in your store.

Hanging Signs for Health Precautions

Custom rigid foamboard and plastic ceiling signs are affordable and can be hung anywhere.

Examples of Social Distancing Signs

It is important to implement proper installation of social distancing signs to control traffic and spacing of customers.

Social Distancing Signage Examples

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