Video Testimonial Marketing in Charlotte, NC

Video Testimonial Marketing For most companies customer referrals are their top lead source. The only problem is how we can get those happy customers to tell everyone in the Charlotte market that needs our service or product how elated they are with us. That’s were Blue Roots video testimonial marketing program can help. We take a systematic approach to pinpointing good customers, developing relevant testimonial questions, shooting the video, and editing it into a usable online video testimonial. Each month we can take your happiest customers and capture their story submitting the video to multiple online video sites like Youtube, Clip Shack, Daily Motion, flukiest, Viddler, and Videoegg just to name a few.

So how do we shoot testimonials for your business? The first step is getting the right customers in front of the camera saying the right things.

The Blue Roots Video Testimonial Team Will:

  • Develop relevant questions to gleam many good sound bits from.
  • Provide the customer with video testimonial questions at least two days before the shoot.
  • Make your customers comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Each question will be phrased with a feeling slant (how do you feel about our company services) and mental level (What are your thoughts about our company services).
  • Edit the video to leverage all of the customers positive experiences with your company.
  • Submit your video testimonials on numerous video posting sites for Search Engine Optimization and online lead generation purposes.