PPC For Your Charlotte, NC Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Drive Leads and Sales Cost Effectively

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is becoming one of the world’s most cost effect ways to maximize the leads and sales from your website. Here’s why!

PPC offers:

  • Instantaneous qualified leads and sales from your website
  • 100% measurable results
  • Flexible and controllable costs
With over 14 billion online searches per month*, it’s how people find products, services and answers. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to place your product or service directly in front of people already searching for it. That’s where Blue Roots pay per click services can help your North Carolina business. We have the knowledge and expertise to select the most profitable keywords, create the highest converting PPC ads, daily manage your bids to maximize your ROI, and create reports to let you know exactly how your PPC account is performing.

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

In Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising advertisers pay for the visitors who click on their ad and arrive on their website, on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. PPC advertising in Charlotte NC is focused and targeted because your PPC ad will only display when relevant keywords are searched for.. This means that only people who look for your product or service will see the ad.

Two PPC Advertising Models: Search and Content Networks

There are three major PPC search engines: Google AdwordsYahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter (Bing). Search Networks: PPC advertisements show up as results in search engines. They are labeled as “Sponsored Links” and appear above and adjacent to organic search listings on search engines. Content Networks: PPC ads are placed in websites that have signed up to have ads appear on their site. Typically the cost for these networks is considerable less. For Content Networks, PPC ads are matched to the keywords in the site’s content. Content Networks can be an excellent source of sales and leads. They can also get out of control unless they are created, optimized and tested by a highly skilled firm like Blue Roots Marketing.