Blue Roots Pay Per Click Practices

  1. Choose the best keywords – This entails a detailed keyword analysis that goes way beyond the normal Google keyword search. Expanding your keywords is the beginning. Analyzing which will bring you the best results is our goal.
  2. Create PPC Ads and Landing Pages that convert visitors to leads and sales – The ads have to attract visitors, but what good are they if your landing pages don’t convert? The key to your ads success is creating multiple variations of ads to test, and then optimize, optimize, optimize.
  3. Optimize your bids weekly – There’s more to bidding than paying more. Optimize your PPC bidding strategies based on how each keyword performs. The goal is to maximize your number of sales and leads at the lowest possible cost.
  4. Commit to ongoing optimization – Sales trends change on a seasonal, sometimes daily basis. That’s why it’s critical that you continually re-optimize every aspect of PPC campaigns to make sure they perform at their peak.
  5. Rely on reports and analytics – The beauty of PPC is that it can be tracked and measured. Without comprehensive reports and analysis you can’t know exactly how your Pay Per Click campaigns are performing, and how they can be improved.

Make Sure Your PPC Campaign Delivers

With a PPC campaign you should expect:

  • guaranteed qualified traffic, leads and sales
  • instantaneous and measurable results
  • easy-to-manage costs
  • highly targeted placement

Blue Roots Marketing delivers on all three. Our PPC campaign management will:

  • improve your ROI over your existing campaigns
  • increase you number sales and leads
  • lower your advertising expense and cost per lead
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